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Causes of bad breath: what am I?

There are many factors that could be the cause of bad breath, and many of the factors that could be the causes of bad breath can be addressed quickly and easily using simple techniques. In fact the causes of bad breath are so well documented that it’s easy to find the factors causing bad breath for you.

So what exactly are the causes of bad breath?

Bad breath, halitosis, is usually is caused by VSC (volatile sulfur compounds), these are the most common causes of bad breath. But what are they, anyway?

Bacteria in your throat and mouth help to break down some protein. When some amino acids that have a lot of sulfur inside, start to get broken and therefore produce various malodorous compounds fouls from the back of the mouth and throat.

There is a common misconception that bad breath can come from your stomach, and although it may feel like that sometimes, the Natural product compound comes from your throat and mouth. However, after certain foods were consumed, encouraging the production of certain chemicals which are then discharged through the lungs. So that extra helping of fried onion rings is actually doing an odor through the lungs.

So how can we avoid these great causes of bad breath?

So many of the causes of bad breath are everyday things that we take for granted and use. Most toothpastes may be one cause of bad breath, because the stuff that makes the foam actually promotes the production of VSC.

A dry tongue can also be a cause of bad breath. The bacteria that produce those nasty SVCs actually don’t like oxygen, so a dry mouth is perfect, and then becomes a cause of bad breath.

The nasty stuff from bacteria derives from the degradation of amino acids, which are found in proteins. So the high protein foods can be a cause of bad breath, could also be a high-protein diet is usually one of the causes of bad breath.

Once you have high levels of bacteria in your throat, it becomes very difficult to fight bad breath, as those bacteria can use anything for the next trigger for your bad breath. Successfully reducing the amount of bacteria in your throat you can make sure that it becomes much more difficult to get first bad breath.

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